Could your CBD be a SCAM?

could your cbd be a scam?

Could your CBD be a scam?

CBD is quickly taking off in the UK. Hundreds of new businesses have emerged selling the wonderful Cannabinoid – CBD.

BUT are you being scammed? A recent report from The Centre of Medical Cannabis shows some worrying results. They tested products from High Street and online retailers and found 45% had high levels of THC in. NOT OK.

To keep it short and sweet – THC is the compound which gets you “high.” So, you can see the dangers.

Amongst other chemicals, they found little to no CBD in. Imagine paying upwards of £50 for a CBD product and it has 0.00% CBD in!

What’s the solution?

Here are some tips for shopping for effective and high quality CBD.


  1. Try to stay away low key stores selling very cheap products. The products will be lower in quality and may contain harsh chemicals and no CBD


  1. Look for expiring dates/batch numbers on bottles. If you can’t see this, then there is a possibility it’s out of date!


  1. Speak with the seller. A reputable brand should be able to tell you exactly what’s in there products, the type of CBD and how it’s produced. They should also be easily contactable.


  1. Do your research! Facebook reviews are always a good way to see how the brand is doing from real customers.


  1. Lastly and most importantly – Certificates of Analysis. If the seller can’t provide evidence that their CBD products have been independently tested then steer clear!


A final note to consider is that CBD companies should not be claiming amazing life-enhancing benefits. It is a natural remedy which has helped people in the past but no claims can be made.

It’s NOT a cure and if brands are telling you differently, then they are probably after a quick sale rather than having your best interest at heart.

We hope this has helped but if you have any questions or require any information, please contact us at [email protected]

Oliver Summers

Co-Founder of Signature CBD